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Sales Contact: Dennis Bress, President IEEI TV
110 Agate Ave, Newport Beach, Ca

Apace vStor v4000 from

Apace vstor 4000

Apace vStor v4000 is the next generation of low latency/assured QoS Video Editing Storage appliances offering file based editing over IP networks that is optimized for large workgroups and high resolution editing needs. Advancing capabilities of the product line to achieve much higher concurrent video stream editing, large connectivity via state of the art multiple 10GE and GE connectivity and introduction of SSD (Solid State Flash Drives) to address the demanding needs of high user count and high resolution raw video formats such as ProRes, DnxHD, HQ and DvcPro-HD as some of the features of the fourth generation. The hybrid disk systems blends optimized SSD performance with high capacity HDD cost advantage to address performance and capacity requirement of most demanding media uses. Linear scalability of performance and capacity is assured through a multi-system topology over IP networks.

Additionally, intelligent new FileManager software from Apace paired with vStor offer streamlined management of workspaces between SSD/HDD storage pools making access and use optimized for editing workgroups and more versatile to support video, audio and still media needs. The SSD based solution will run green and consume less power and generate less heat in your server room. vStors can be clustered together over the 10GE backbone to linearly scale performance and capacity and by pairing them with eStor (Near-Line storage) can address tapeless workflows from ingest, edit to archive of content on vStor/eStor storage server Lego building blocks. Additionally, advanced multi-core server with integrated file based storage offers ideal intelligent platform for Apace's global access MAM, facility wide storage consolidation, proxy generation and Camera Ingesters into vStor for further enhancing editors experience with the raw footage residing on vStor storage. Cost saving bundled packages of vStor and Apace MAM are available.

vStor continues to offer direct editing over network support for all Avid editing, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro/ HD, Grass Valley EDIUS/ HD, Harris Velocity Pro and Sony Vegas. Additionally, as a new feature for Avid ProTool users, vStor can be equipped with iSCSI module to address block based access needs of ProTool and audio applications while leveraging its SSD advantage. Supporting still image editing via SSD based vStor offers ideal shared storage for Photoshop, Maya and likewise graphics application. As such, vStor can be a file based and a block based storage appliance to address all video and audio workgroups. Additionally, for graphics application in need of frame level editing and high render storage, vStor online storage offers direct work in process access for high I/O and high sequential access traffic. Multiple editing workstations can simultaneously access the storage pool and share the content through ubiquitously available Ethernet. Shared content can then be sent to tape or directly broadcasted on air. Users with Ethernet access can review the content from their desktop using QuickTime or Media Player: no client software/ license or special hardware needed! vStor product line offers deterministic latency/ jitters with guaranteed stream count for clients served over the gigabit Ethernet. vStor platform offers better management of media, protection, sharing and access with other editors to greatly improved productivity. vStor series products are easy to use, simple to maintain, versatile, scalable, and reliable. It includes system and management software, real-time optimization, fault-tolerance and RAID 5 implementation, multiple Giga-bit Ethernet interface, integrated GUI software for user account, project, network, storage RAID management.

Key Benefits
  • Sharing and collaboration to improve productivity and manageability
  • Application independent support: Avid, Apple, Adobe, Avid/Pinnacle, Grass Valley, Sony
  • Simple, scalable and easy workflow for video and media production environment
  • Simultaneously working with all operating systems and media data
  • Making content available for any desktop on Ethernet without client software/ hardware
  • Easy and simple workspace access via "Apace Connecter"
  • Integrated web GUI for system, disk, workspace and user account management
Main Features
  • Support Avid media and project files sharing among multiple users for DV/HDV, DVCPRO-HD, SD, DNxHD, ProRes 422
  • Support for all popular editing and stream support from DV to ProRes and DNxHD
  • Hybrid iSCSI support over SSD & utility for file sharing
  • ProTool and audio editing support
  • Intelligent use of SSD and HDD storage drives for best performance and capacity profile
  • Simultaneous support of Windows, Mac and Linux / Unix clients (NFS,CIFS/SMB & AFP)
  • Easy to use integrated web-based GUI for network, disk, user & project management
  • Logic user space partition, re-sizing and password protection for access and sharing
  • Email and messaging notification for system status and disk failure
  • Utilities for multiple stream capturing, file sharing, project sync, backup and archive
  • 19" rack-mount of 2U, 3U, 4U chassis with 16TB to 72TB raw capacity
  • Multi GE and 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports support • Front-load hot-swap SATA and SSD drives with RAID protection
  • Fault-tolerant design, ECC registered memory, redundant hot-swap power supply, Fans
  • Available vStor plus Apace MAM called postMAM SKU bundles with unlimited IP channel and user access for playback and interactive commenting

vStor Models
P/N # of video streams
per workgroup *

24 DV25/HDV
3 DNxHD or ProRes 422 145
2 DnxHD or ProRes 422 220

V4000 series: 2U rack-mount, 16TB Raw Capacity, 8 x 2TB hot swappable HDDs, Quad GE, Raid-5, redundant power supply


Option: VM40-3U16TDB vStor/MAM bundle


V4000-4U 24TDB/48TDB/72TDB

48 DV25/HDV, 24 DVC-PRO- 50, 12 DVCPRO-HD, 8 Prores or DNxHD 145, or 6 ProRes or DNxHD 220


44 DVCPRO50 22 DVCPRO-HD, 15 DNxHD or ProRes 145,

V4000 series: 3U rack-mount, 16TB/32TB Raw Capacity 16 hot-swap 1TB/2TB HDDs, Quad GE ports, RAID 5, redundant power supply

(VM40-3U16T: vStor v4000 3U rackmount, 16TB + Apace postMAM Media asset management 5lic. super-user bundle, unlimited IP channel and user access for playback and commenting available

V4000 series: 4U rack-mount, 24TB/48/72TB Raw Capacity 24 hot-swap 1TB/2TB/3TB HDDs, Quad GE ports, Dual 10GE SFP+(SR), RAID 5, redundant power supply

V4000-3U 16T1SDB/24T1SDB


V4000-4U 24T2SDB/24T4SDB

46 DVCPRO-50, 24 DVCPRO-HD, 16 ProRes or DNxHD 145, or 12 ProRes or DnxHD 220

66 DVCPRO50, 36 DVCPRO-HD, 22 ProRes or DNxHD 145 or 18 ProRes or DnxHD 220

V4000 SSD/HDD series: 3U rack-mount 16TB/24TB Raw HDD & 1TB Raw SSD, 8 x 2TB/3TB HDD Raid-5, 8 x 128GB SSD Raid- 0. 16 Hot swappable drives, redundant p/s, Quad GE ports, Dual 10GE SFP+(SR) Included FileManager (FM-s) for within system

V4000 SSD/HDD series: 4U rack-mount 24TB/24TB Raw HDD & 1TB/2TB Raw SSD, 8 x 2TB/3TB HDD Raid-5, 16 x 128GB/256GB SSD Raid-0,. 24 Hot swappable drives, redundant p/s, Quad GE ports, Dual 10GE SFP+(SR), Included FileManager (FM-s) for within system

WWW.IEEI.TV OR WWW.APACESYSTEMS.COM Contact Dennis @ 714-878-1276
Note: Avid Xpress/ Adrenaline, Apple FCP, Adobe Premiere, Pinnacle Liquid Edition, Sony Vegas and Canopus EDIUS are trademarks of corresponding companies. Apace is not affiliation of the companies listed. (* performance based on certain setup)
Gold Channel Partner: IEEI.TV
Contact: Dennis Bress President / CEO
p:714-878-1276 Email: Web:


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