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World class real time video editing and archive storage from IEEI and Apace Systems:

Networked Storage System Solutions

For Heterogeneous Collaborative Media Editing and Archival

Addressing our Customers’ Performance, Cost and Interoperability Needs

Apace provides four lines of storage products. One is vStor for real-time video editing applications. The other is eStor for high performance video archive and near-library uses. The third is cStor for direct video ingest / capture and shared storage. The 4th is simple, robust NAS storage. All systems are high performance tuned to support different video, graphic and file based needs.

All systems are gigabit Ethernet based and support RAID 0, 1, & 5.

vStor product line is a low cost alternative to Avid Lanshare and higher performance alternative to Huge Systems SanStream solution. vStor line real time network storage systems can support collaborative video editing for up to 8 uncompressed SD streams and 40 DV25 streams over Gigabit Ethernet LAN. In addition to Avid Xpress, we support Apple FCP, Canopus Edius Pro, Sony vegas, Adobe Premiere and Pinnacle Systems Liquid via a common vStor storage pool. Additionally, we support PC, MAC and Unix/Linux editing client stations from the same vStor systems. As a result of GE LAN based connectivity we are a lower cost alternative to Apple XSAN Fibre Channel centric approach. There is no need to run any client XSAN agent on the client editing machines and our solution work with PCs as well in a heterogeneous editing environment if need be!!


eStor line is the lowest cost/ highest performance networked storage class of systems tailored for fast video archive and retrieval. eStor includes the functionality of server, NAS and RAID in a single chassis with great economics. With ever increasing demand for HD and SD video applications, eStor fast storage access is becoming a must for post production and rendering applications. Also, eStor line is applicable to video on demand, broadcast, digital imaging, graphic and animation applications. eStor disk based networked storage offers RAID reliability and speed over familiar Ethernet networks. eStor line can be a primary file based storage system as well as be used for archival and disk based backup. eStor attractive price points do offer Disk = Tape price parity while providing storage capacity of up to 10TB in a single chassis, which makes eStor an alternative to or great addition to tape libraries. e1000 series offers highly competitive 2-6TB of disk based storage, while e1500 targets large storage capacities of 10TB for installation with even increasing storage needs. Customer with need for scalability can deploy multiple eStor systems as storage building blocks at each system level leveraging from Gigabit Ethernet for multi-system interconnectivity and scalability


cStor product is designed for direct capturing and storing and sharing of high quality uncompressed HD and SD video for post production. It integrates Blackmagic DeckLink capturing cards with RAID protected disk storage for fast and shared access. It is easy to use and offers guaranteed bandwidth for uncompressed HD and SD capturing and facilitates sharing of uncompressed video content among multiple edit stations from anywhere via the Ethernet interface. RAID, redundant power supplies, world class design, a depositary for all your video content. No more drive swapping or shuffling through tapes or DVD's to find your content.


nStor NAS head is tailored for high performance applications like video archive, video-on-demand and on-line and near-line archive and library. It has dual AMD 64-bit Opteron CPUs and is a true end-to-end 64-bit network storage system. The system can be easily packaged with various software options to support backup and anti-virus for better centralized data management. It can also be optimized for different applications with up to 8 GB solid state cache for heavy IO-oriented tasks and intelligent cashing. With dual FC interfaces (or SCSI U320), the system can flexibly support different RAID configurations. The high performance system improves NAS throughput for demanding applications like video. The NAS head is shipped with network, storage and user management software. It provides utilities like system status warning through email. It is designed for ease of use and interoperable with all major operating systems concurrently (Linux, Mac OS, MS Windows and Unix).

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